Pringle of Lees

Pringle of Lees

The Lees estate is on the outskirts of the town of Coldstream.


  1. Alexander Hoppringill of that ilk (5th Laird).
  2. William Hoppringill of Graden (4th son of Alexander), household servant of King James V of Scots.
  3. James Hoppringill of Langmuir, and from 1559 1st Laird of Lees and Braidhauch (Coldstream). Died in 1575.
  4. Alexander Hoppringill of Lees and Braidhauch, died in 1632.
  5. Lancelot Pringill of Lees and Braidhauch, and in 1636 Clifton. Died in 1652.
  6. James Pringill of Lees
  7. James Pringle, Surgeon to the Guards.
  8. James Pringle of Lees, died in 1769 without issue. His nephew a Marjoribanks, inherited the estate.


R.R. Stodart in his book ‘Scottish Arms’ published in Edinburgh 1881, states in volume 2 on page 159, that “Pringle of Lees, a cadet of Torsonce, bore a bend between three escallops” for their coat of arms.


In “A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage”, Vol. 2, by John Burke 1832. On page 140, Burke writes: “Edward Marjoribanks, esq. who inherited the estate of Lees, in the county of Berwick, which had previously descended to a younger branch of the family, and been possessed, in right of his mother, by James Pringle, the last survivor of the very ancient family of Pringle, of Torsonce.” – Offical web page of the Clan Marjoribanks Society. – Marjoribanks of the Lees. – The story of the Marjoribanks of the Lees.