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The Clan Pringle Association

The Clan Pringle Association was founded on Wednesday 3rd October 2012, when leading members of the Pringle family met together and held the inaugural meeting of the  Association in the Pewterers’ Hall in London.

Founder Members of the Clan Pringle Association:

  • James W. Pringle of Torwoodlee, the 14th Laird.
  • Sir Murray Pringle of Stichill, 10th Bart.
  • James B. Pringle, Sir Murray’s brother.
  • Alastair Pringle of Stichill, younger.
  • Andrew Pringle, Sir Murray’s nephew.
  • James M. Pringle (website owner).

Current Clan Pringle Association Executive and Trustees:

  • Patron Sir Murray Pringle of that Ilk and Stitchill, 10th Bart., 26th Chief of the Name and Arms.
  • Chairman, Newsletter Editor and North America Representative – C. Derek Pringle.
  • Secretary – Alastair Pringle of that Ilk and Stitchill, younger.
  • Treasurer – Mrs Priscilla Dorman (née Pringle)
  • UK Representative – Andrew Pringle (Sir Murray’s nephew).
  • Website Administrator – James M. Pringle.
  • North America Representative – Garry Pringle.
  • New Zealand Representative – Dave Pringle.
  • Irish Representative – Adam Pringle.


Clan Pringle Association Constitution 2019 version

CPA Inaugural Meeting Minutes held on 03.10.2012 in Pewterers Hall in London

CPA Minutes of the 1st AGM held on 27.06.2014 at Torwoodlee in Scotland

CPA Minutes of the 2nd AGM held on 10.07.2015 in England

CPA Minutes of the 3rd AGM held on 12.07.2016 in England

CPA Minutes of the 4th AGM held on 14.08.2017 in England

CPA Minutes of the 5th AGM held on 05.06.2018 in England

CPA Minutes of the 6th AGM held on 31.07.2019 virtually online

CPA Minutes of the EGM also held on 31.07.2019 virtually online

CPA Minutes of the 7th AGM held on 31.07.2020 virtually online

CPA Minutes of the 8th AGM held on 13.08.2021 virtually online

CPA Minutes of the 9th AGM held on 01.07.2022 virtually online

CPA Minutes of the 10th AGM held on 25.07.2023 virtually online

The Clan Pringle Association wishes to extend an invitation to all Pringles worldwide to apply for membership. Please follow the instructions below if you wish to join:

Clan Pringle members cap badge

On Monday 18th March 2013 the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) became satisfied that the Clan Pringle Association had met the charity test, and entered it in the Scottish Charity Register. This means that the CPA now has charitable status under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.

Your charity’s registered name is: Clan Pringle Association

Your charity number is:  SC043865

Your charity was registered on: 18 March 2013

Your principal contact address is: Torwoodlee, Galashiels, Scotland, TD1 1TZ

Your charitable purposes are: G – the advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science

Your charitable objectives are: To preserve the Pringle family’s traditions, sites, artifacts and records and to study its history, culture and relationships with other Scottish families and similar organisations by scientific, genealogical, archaeological and other research and make the results publically available to interested parties. The work to advance the knowledge of Scotland’s culture and heritage will be disseminated as widely as possible.


“To connect our family worldwide; to share, research and preserve it’s history.”


  • To raise the public profile of the clan and highlight the honour of the Pringle name.
  • To promote Pringle history and to correct the errors of previous historians.
  • To protect and preserve the historical sites that have been the home to Pringle’s throughout history.
  • To conduct Pringle genealogical research and DNA research.
  • To include the worldwide Pringle diaspora in the Clan Pringle Association.
  • To provide a forum through which Pringle’s can contact and communicate with each other.


  • The Clan Pringle Association and Board of Trustees was established, a mission statement was produced and Scottish charity status was obtained.
  • A Clan Pringle Association North American Chapter has been established and is active and represented on the Clan Pringle Association Board of Trustees in Scotland.
  • An authoritative website has been established which contains a great deal of information about the family, its genealogy, heraldry, branches, history, publications et alia.
  • The foundations of Torwoodlee Tower have been stabilised and the tower is no longer in danger of collapsing.
  • The Pringle Y-DNA Surname Project hosted by FamilyTreeDNA was established in 2009 and continues, now with 110 persons tested. Y-DNA testing shows that the family has four main branches, the most numerous being the Pringles of Stichill.
  • The Clan Chief has been found through genealogical research and our DNA project. The Clan Chief is Sir Norman Murray Archibald MacGregor Pringle of that Ilk and Stichill, 10th Baronet.

Join the Association:

If you would like to join our association and be added to our membership please use the instructions below.

Membership of the Clan Pringle Association is £15 per annum, per household.
We have two methods of registering:

1. Online Electronic Registration method:


Send your membership payment to our CPA PayPal accountby clicking on the PayPal button below:

You should click the box that the payment is from a friend, and there will not be a charge on the payee.

If you do not have a linked bank account you can pay by credit card, in which case there will be a small charge levied by PayPal.

Fill out our form:

CPA Membership Registration Form


2. Print and Post Registration method:

Cheques can be made out to the ‘Clan Pringle Association’ and posted to:

The Clan Pringle Association, Torwoodlee, Galashiels, Scotland, TD1 1TZ.
Please print and fill out this application form and covering letter and send them with the cheque:

CPA Membership Form and Covering Letter

Please note that we cannot accept cheques in any foreign currency at this time, as our bank will only allow cheques or Bankers Drafts in British Pounds Sterling to be paid into our account. However, our PayPal account accepts all currencies.