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The Clan Pringle Association is looking for volunteers to help other Pringles around the world with their research into Pringle family history and genealogy. If you are able to help other Pringles with their genealogy please contact us.

Many Pringles around the world have uploaded their Family Tree’s onto:

Pringle last name & Pringle family –

Pringle Name Meaning & Pringle Family History –

Pringle Meaning & Pringle Name Origin –

If you join these sites you will be able to link your tree with theirs and further extend yours. However they are both paysites and only members can see the information, so it would be helpful if Pringles would enter their family trees on the this free site:

PRINGLE Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

Hoppringle Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

PRINDLE Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

By putting your own genealogical research onto this site you will help other Pringles, who may well be distant relative of yours, with their research and that will help us to link Pringles together worldwide.

Please also visit the Pringle Genealogy Message board on Ancestry.comPringle – Family History & Genealogy Message Board

Please also feel free to email your genealogical questions to our Newsletter:

The latest professional genealogical research into the Pringles:

The very latest genealogical research into the Pringles has been conducted by Gordon MacGregor and can be found in Volume 8 of the Red Books of Scotland:  The PDF download of Volume 8 contains the genealogies of:

    • The Hoppringills or Pringles of that Ilk and Torsonce,
    • The Pringles of Newhall and Stichill,
    • The Pringles of Smailholm and Galashiels,
    • The Pringles of Torwoodlee,
    • The Pringles of Whytbank and
    • The Pringles of Blindlee.

Printed Genealogical Resources for the established Pringle lineages (most have many errors):

  • Records of the Pringles or Hoppringills of the Scottish Border, by Alex Pringle.
    • Contains the genealogy of all branches of the Pringles.
  • The Memoirs of Walter Pringle of Greenknow. Has an Appendix containing the genealogies of:
    • The Pringles of Galashiels,
    • The Pringles of Craiglatch and Newhall,
    • The Pringles of Stitchel,
    • The Pringles of Greenknowe,
    • The Pringles of Whytbank,
    • The Pringles of Torwoodlee.
  • Records of the Baron Court of Stitchill. See Appendix VII, genealogical notes on:
    • the Pringles of Stitchill family.
  • The Baronage of Scotland, Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Gentry of that Kingdom, By Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie.
    • The lineage of Pringle of Whytbank – on page 208, with many errors.
  • A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire, by Sir Bernard Burke.
    • See page 918 for the Pringle of Stichill lineage.
  • A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry (Vol. III) of Great Britain & Ireland (1853), by Sir Bernard Burke. Has the lineages of:
    • the Pringles of Whytbank,
    • the Pringles of Torwoodlee,
    • the Pringles of Clifton and Haining.
  • Debrett’s peerage, baronetage, knightage, and companionage. Contains the lineage of the :
    • Pringle of Stichill – on page 456.
  • The Scottish Nation; or the surnames, families, literature, honours and biographical history of the people of Scotland,by William Anderson (Volume III) published in 1863. It has many errorsIt has an article of the various branches of the Pringles, starting on page 305 (page 352 in the pdf file). including:
    • The Hoppringles of that ilk, afterwards the Pringles of Torsonce,
    • The Pringles of Whitsome – even though the never was a Pringle of Whitsome!
    • The Pringles of Smailholm and Galashiels,
    • The Pringles of Whytbank,
    • The Pringles of Torwoodlee,
    • The Pringles of Clifton and Haining,
    • The Pringles of Stitchell.

Genealogy Resources:

MyHeritage – – Probably the best place to start your genealogical search. – The best Scottish Genealogy resource online  – The Red Book Project – Scottish Genealogy

Borders Family History Society – – Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre – The Mitchell Library, Glasgow – The Highland Council Genealogy Centre, Inverness – National Records of Scotland – National Library of Scotland – Maps and info about places in Scotland – The Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives – The Scottish Genealogy Society – Scotland’s Leading Family History Researchers – Visit your ancestral home. – A Scottish genealogy magazine  – A Professional Scottish Genealogy Research Company – a professional family history research service