Arms of the Scotts of Gala

Arms of the Scotts of Gala

From – Burkes General Armory, published in 1844.

SCOTT (Gala House, co. Selkirk; derived from the marriage of Hugh Scott, second son of Walter Scott, of Harden, the renowned border chieftain, with Jean, dau. And heiress of Sir James Pringle, knt. who was the last direct male representative of the ancient family of Pringle of Galashiels, and d. in 1635; the present representative of the family is JOHN SCOTT, of Gala House, esq. son and heir of the late Colonel Hugh Scott, by Isabella his wife, dau. of Professor Monro, of Edinburgh, M.D. and grandson of John Scott. of Gala, and Anne his wife, dau. of Sir George Makdougal, of Makerston, bart.) Quarterly, first and fourth, or, on a bend az. a star of six points betw. two crescents of the field, in the sinister chief point a rose gu. stalked and leaved vert, for SCOTT; second and third, ar. on a saltire engr. sa. five escallops or, for PRINGLE of GalashielsCrest – A lady richly attired, holding in her dexter hand a rose ppr. Motto – Prudenter amo. “Sursum” is sometimes placed under the shield.

SCOTT OF GALA. (From – Burke’s Peerage & Gentry, 2002)

Arms (of Capt Henry John Alexander Macdougall Scott of Gala – matric. LO 2 April 1935) – Quarterly: 1st and 4th, or, on a bend Azure a star of six points between two crescents of the field, in the sinister chief point a rose gules, stalked and barbed vert, for SCOTT of Gala; 2nd and 3rd argent, on a saltire engrailed Sable, five escallops or, for Pringle of Galashiels. Crest – a lady from the waist affrontée richly attired, holding in the hand a rose proper. Mottoes – Prudenter amo; under the shield; Sursum.

Scott of Galashiels (From – A System of Heraldry by Alexander Nisbet, published 1722)

HUGH SCOTT of Galashiels, as descended of Harden, Harden’s first arms [or, on a bend azure, a star of six points, betwixt two crescents of the field, and, in the sinister chief point, a rose gules, stalked and barbed vert, for difference], within a bordure sable, charged with six escalops argent; crest, a lady from the waist richly attired, holding in her dexter hand, a rose proper; motto, Prudenter amo, as in the Plate of Achievements.

An Ordinary of Arms, by Sir James Balfour Paul (Edinburgh 1895), Pages 18, 19 & 208.

SCOT of Galashiels (1st matric). Or, on a bend az. a mullet between two crescents of the field, in chief a rose gu., all within a bordure sa. charged with six escallops arg.

Scott of Galashiels (2nd matric. 1793). Or, on a bend az. a mullet between two crescents of the field, in chief a rose gu., barbed vert (1st and 4th quarters). Arg. on a saltire engrailed sa. five escallops or (2nd and 3rd quarters).


Lineage –

  1. HUGH SCOTT OF GALA, of Deuchar and later 1st of Gala, third s of Sir Walter Scott of Harden (the Border Reiver “Auld Wat”) and Mary Scott (“The Flower of the Yarrow”) m (contr. 17 Mar 1621) Jean, dau and heir of Sir James Hoppringle (the last male representative of the family of Pringle of Galashiels and whose forebear Robert Hoppringle of Smailholm was granted the property of Galashiels by Archibald, Earl Douglas in 1408.) In right of his wife, he became proprietor of Gala and Galashiels and d 1644-45 leaving issue:
  2. JAMES SCOTT OF GALA, 2nd of Gala; m 1646 Janet, dau of Sir James Murray, est s of Sir John Murray, 1st of Philiphaugh; d bef 1672 and had issue,
  3. HUGH SCOTT OF GALA, 3rd of Gala; b.1648; m c.1670 Isobel, dau of Sir Thomas Kerr of Cavers; d c.1696.
  4. Sir JAMES SCOTT OF GALA, 4th of Gala; d after 1721, m Euphame, dau of Sir William Douglas of Cavers.
  5. HUGH SCOTT OF GALA, 5th of Gala; d after 1759, m c 1727 Elizabeth, dau of Colonel John Stewart of Stewartfield.
  6. JOHN SCOTT OF GALA, 6th of Gala; b Apr 1732; m his second cousin Anne (b 1733), dau and heir of Sir George Hay-Makdougall of Makerstoun, 3rd. Bt and d 1785.
  7. COL. HUGH SCOTT OF GALA, 7th of Gala; b 1764; m 13 March, 1787, Isabella, elder dau of Professor Alexander Monro, of Craiglockart, (see BURKE`s LG 1952 Edn MONRO of Auchinbowie), Professor of Anatomy at Edinburgh University 1765-1809, and d 4 Oct 1795, Grenada W.I..
  8. JOHN SCOTT OF GALA, 8th of Gala; b 1790; m 20 Apr 1820, Magdalen (b 1792; d 13 Aug 1873), dau of Sir Archibald Hope, of Craighall and Pinkie, 9th Bt (see that title), contemporary and neighbour of his kinsman Sir Walter Scott, 1st Bt, of Abbotsford, with whom in August 1815 he made a celebrated visit to the site of the Battle of Waterloo. He d 9 Aug 1840.
  9. HUGH SCOTT OF GALA, 9th of Gala, Maj of the Dumfries, Roxburgh and Selkirk Mil, DL, JP., Selkirkshire; b 9 Dec 1822; m 8 Sept 1857, Elizabeth Isabella (d 1917), est dau and heir of Capt Charles Kinnaird Johnstone-Gordon, Kt of the Persian Order of the Lion and Sun (fifth s of James Raymond Johnstone, of Alva) and d 19 Dec 1877.
  10. JOHN HENRY FRANCIS KINNAIRD SCOTT OF GALA, 10th of Gala, DL Selkirkshire, JP Selkirkshire and Roxburghshire; b 10 May 1859; educ Radley, and d unm 8 Feb 1935, and was s by his nephew,
  11. HENRY JOHN ALEXANDER MAKDOUGALL SCOTT OF GALA, 11th of Gala, DL Selkirkshire, Capt (1930) 60th. Rifles (KRRC), served in WW II, matric arms at LO 2 April 1935; b 6 Feb 1901; educ Eton, and RMC, s his uncle 1935, and assumed the surname Scott in lieu of Scott-Makdougall, and kia at Calais, 26 May 1940. He was s by his nephew,
  12. CHRISTOPHER BARTLE HUGH SCOTT OF GALA, 12th of Gala, assumed the surname Scott in lieu of Frere 1941, Kt of Honour & Devotion of Sovereign Military Order of Malta 27 Nov 1957; b 3 Oct 1924; educ Eton and King’s Coll Cambridge (BA 1948); m 16 Sept 1948, Anne Margaret D’Arcy (d 14 Oct 1999), yr dau of Henry Francis Hobart Kerr of Rawflat, Ancrum (d 15 Dec 1972) (see KERR, Marquesses of Lothian) and d 13 Apr 1997.
  13. JOHN PHILIP HENRY SCHOMBERG SCOTT OF GALA, 13th of Gala, Selkirkshire, Feudal Baron of Gala, memb Roy Co of Archers (Queen’s Bodyguard for Scotland) 1987-, Liveryman Worshipful Co of Grocers; b 20 June 1952; educ Eton, Magdalene Coll Cambridge (BA 1974, MA 1977) and INSEAD, France (MBA 1981), merchant banker, Dir Lazard Brothers & Co, Ltd from 1988; m 6 Dec 1977, (Jacqueline Dawn, elder dau of Colin George Champion Rae, M .C., of Little Weston House, Little Weston, Somerset and has issue,
    • Alexander Hugh Frere, Yr. Of Gala, b 8 Dec 1982; educ Ampleforth.
    • James Julian Frere ; b 1 April 1985; educ Eton