Fairholme of Greenknowe

The Fairholme of Greenknowe Coat of Arms

The Fairholme of Greenhill family married into the Pringles of Greenknowe and Torwoodlee, and when the Pringles of Greenknowe line died out, their cousins the Torwoodlee Pringles inherited Greenknowe. James Pringle of Bowland then sold Greenknowe to his grandson George Fairholme of Greenhill in 1785.

From An Ordinary of Scottish Arms, by James Balfour Paul (1893), Page 1 & Page 132:

FAIRHOLM OF GREENHILL (Lyon Register 1751). Or, an anchor gu. (1st and 4th quarters) [for FAIRHOLM of Craigiehall]; Arg. a boar’s head erased., armed or (2nd and 3rd quarters) [for GARDEN of that ilk]; over all on an inescutcheon az. three escallops within a bordure engrailed or [for PRINGLE of Greenknowe], impaling arg., on a saltire engrailed az. three [should say 5] escallops of the first [for PRINGLE of Torwoodlee], all within a bordure az.


The Lyon Register, Vol 1, page 152z:

Adam Fairholme of Greenhill, Esquire, Bears Quarterly 1st and 4th Or an anchor in pale Gules, 2nd and 3rd Argent A boars Head erased Sable armed Or, Over all, an Escutcheon parly per pale, two Coats On the Dexter azur Three Escalops within a bordure engrailed Or, On the Sinister Argent On a Saltyre engrailed azur Three [should say 5] Escalops of the first. All within a Bordure azur. Crest A Dove with ane Olive Branch in his beeck proper. Motto Spero Meliora. Ext. 5 Sept. 1751.


The Lyon Register, Vol 1, page 148z:

John Fairholm of Craigiehall, Bears Or, ane Anchor gules; above the shield ane helmet befitting his degree mantled gules doubled argent next is placed on ane Torse for his crest a Dove holding ane olive branch in her beck proper; The motto in ane Escroll Fide at firme. 1672.


Burkes General Armory (1884):

Garden of that ilk, co. Forfar.  Ar. a boar’s head erased sa. armed or. Crest – Two dexter hands conjoined ppr. Holding a cross crosslet fitchee or. Motto – Cruciata cruce junguntur. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clan_Gardyne


The Lyon Register, Vol 1, page 203z:

James Pringle of Greenknow (1673), Descended of a second son of the family of Stitchell, Bears azure three escalops within a bordur ingrailed Or. On a helmet befitting his degree with mantle gules doubled argent, And torse of his colours is sett for his crest an Anchor within a garland of bayleaves. The motto is ane Escroll, Semper Spero Meliora.


The Lyon Register, Vol 1, page 203z:

George Pringle of Torwoodlie (1673), Descended of the family of Galloscheills, Bears argent on a St Andrews Cross ingrailed azure five Escalops in the first. Above the shield the helmet befitting mantled gules doubled argent. Next is placed on ane Torse for his crest, a serpent nowed proper. The motto in ane Escroll, Nosce Teipsum.


Lineage of the Fairholme Family:

John Fairholme, 1st of Cragiehall (d 1655), m. Marion Thomson
1. John Fairholme, 2nd of Cragiehall (d 1690), m. Sophia Johnston (dau of Joseph Johnston of Hilton)
a. Sophia Fairholm (b 19.03.1668, d 13.12.1716), m. (02.01.1682) William Johnstone, 1st Marquess of Annandale (b 17.02.1664, d 14.01.1721)
2. Thomas Fairholme (d 1671), m. Elizabeth Couper
a. Thomas Fairholme (b 1669),
m1. Janet Garden (dau of Adam Garden of Greenhill)
i. Adam Fairholme, 1st of Greenhill and Lugate (b 1695, d 1771)
m1. Isabel Pringle (dau of James Pringle of Greenknowe)
a. Adam Fairholme (b 1722, dvp unm 1765)
m2. Sophie Pringle (dau of James Pringle, 7th of Torwoodlee, by Isabel Hall)
b. George Fairholme, 2nd of Greenhill and Lugate (b 1730, d unm 1800)
c. Thomas Fairholme (b 1731, d unm 1778)
d. William Fairholme, 3rd of Lugate (b 1736, d 1805), m. Elizabeth Compton Pringle (dau of James Pringle of Bowland)
1. Adam Fairholme, 4th of Lugate (b 1781, d unm 1853)
2. George Fairholme of Greenknowe (b 1789, d 19.11.1846), m. (16.11.1818) Elizabeth Forbes (d 14.04.1865, dau of James Onchocar Forbes, 18th Lord Forbes), had issue.
ii. Thomas Fairholme, m. (1741) ?? Warrender (dau of George Warrender of Bruntisfield, niece of Sir John, Bart of Lochend), had issue.
m2. Margaret Balfour (dau of Sir Michael Balfour of Denmiln, 4th Bart)
iii. other issue.


From Burkes Landed Gentry (1879), Vol 1, Page 536:


Fairholme, George Knight Erskine, Esq. of Old Melrose, co. Roxburgh and Lugate, Nethersheils and Oversheils, Midlothian, J.P. for the cos. of Berwick, Roxburgh and Midlothian, b. 25 Nov. 1822; m. 14 Jan. 1857, Pauline Amelie, Baroness Poellnitz,. Chanoinesse Honoraire, of the Order of St. Anne of Bavaria, eldest dau. of the late Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron Poellnitz of Frankenberg, Bavaria, Chamber lain to the King of Prussia, and Charlotte his wife, and has issue,
   I. George Frederick, b. 25 Dec. 1858.
   II. William Ernest, b. 5 Feb. 1860.
   III. James Louis, b. 26 Oct. 1803.
   IV. Walter John Luitpold, 6. 5 April, 1807.
   I. Adelaide Charlotte, 6. 23 May, 1861.

Lineage —The family of Fairholme has been established principally in Mid-Lothian since 1620, and has possessed considerable property, including the estates of Pilton, Craigiehall, and Greenhill, all near Edinburgh. Sophia, dau. of John Fairholme, of Craigiehall, m. 1662, William, 3rd Marquess of Annandale; she d. in 1716, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. The estates of Chapel, Lugate and Nethersheils were acquired after the year 1700. The last acquired properties were Oversheils and Old Melrose.

George Fairholme, Esq. of Greenknowe, co. Berwick (son of William Fairholme, Esq. of Chapel, co. Berwick, b. 1736, d. 1805, and Elizabeth Compton Pringle his wife, of Bowland, Mid Lothian, who d. 1793), served in the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards, b. 15 Jan. 1789; m. 16 Nov. 1818, the Hon. Caroline Elizabeth, eldest dau. of James Ochonear, 17th Lord Forbes, Premier Baron of Scotland, and d. 19 Nov. 1846, having had issue,
   I. William, of Chapel, co. Berwick, J.P. and D.L., b. 8 Aug. 1819; d. March, 1868; m. Grace Penelope, dau. of Col. Wray Palliser, of Comragh and Derryluskan, and d. 1868, having had issue,
        1 Anne Gledstanes, deceased.
        2 Caroline Grace, of Chapel, co. Berwick.
        3 Mary. 
        4 Louisa. 
        5 Katherine.
   II. James Walter, b. 10 Jan. 1821, Lieut. Royal Navy, perished with Sir John Franklin’s North Polar Expedition, which sailed from England in 1845.
   III. George Knight Erskine, now of Old Melrose.
   IV. Charles, b. 5 Dec. 1829, Post Capt. Royal Navy, m. Julie Charlotte Amilie, Baroness Poellnitz, and has issue,
        1 Frederick. 
        2 Henry. 
        3 Charles. 
        4 Edward.
        5 Alice. 
        6 Mary.
   1. Elizabeth Marjory, b. 19 Nov. 1826; m. 6 Nov. 1851, Lord James Charles Plantagenet Murray, only brother of George, 6th Duke of Athole.
Arms—Or, an anchor ppr. 
Crest—A dove with an olive branch in its bill all ppr.
Motto—Spero meliora.

Seats—Old Melrose, co. Roxburgh; Ludgate, Nethershiels, and Oversheils, Mid Lothian.