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Pringle Heraldry recorded in Debrett’s
Debrett’s Illustrated Baronetage
From a recent edition:
Pringle (NS) 1683, of Stichill, Roxburghshire:
Arms: Azure, three escallops or.
Crest: A saltire azure within a garland of bay-leaves proper.
Motto: Coronat Fides (Faith crowns).
Pringle of Stitchill
The 1893 version, on page 456, has:
Pringle of Stichill, Roxburghshire, Baronet 1683.
Arms- Azure, three escallops or.
Crests- 1st- An escallop or [for Pringle of that ilk]; 2nd- A saltire azure within a garland of bay leaves proper [for Pringle of Stichill].
Supporters- Dexter, a buck proper collared or; sinister, a greyhound proper collared as the dexter.
Motto over crests- Coronat fides (Faith crowns) [for Pringle of Stichill].
Motto underneath arms- Amicitia reddit honores (Friendship reflects honors) [for Pringle of that ilk].
[Supporters and 1st crest are taken from Pringle of that ilk and Torsonce, because the Pringles of Stitchill inherited the lands of Torsonce]

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